Copywriter: cost vs benefit

How do you quantify the value a copywriter delivers to your business? It’s a question I often ponder as I draw up quotes for new projects – I need to know that the outlay you make for my copywriting services will be paid back, and then some.

In trying to find an answer, let’s simplify the problem by looking at one blog entry. You engage a copywriter (me) to write a blog entry for $X. What’s the cost vs benefit?

First, you need to calculate what it would have cost to do the copywriting yourself. Let’s call this $Y. Potential costs here are:

  • It takes time – the time you take crafting and drafting it could have been spent making money for your business
  • It takes skill – the cost of having a poorly-written or ineffectual blog quickly adds up as people start questioning your authority and hence your brand

So the real cost of engaging a blog copywriter is $X – $Y = $Z.

Then, you need to calculate the value it will deliver to your business. The ROI, in marketing speak. What will a professional blog copywriter give you? Hard to measure in monetary terms – unless you can directly track sales against blog impressions – you need to look at things like:

  • No. of visitors to the blog
  • Traffic that moved from the blog to other (profit-making) pages of your website
  • Brand-building value
  • Customer loyalty

So you get an intangible measure, which we can call $A.

Is $A more than $Z? Then you’re onto a winner with a blog copywriter.

Let me be clear, here. One blog entry is not going to deliver a measurable business return. You’d need a long-term, consistent blog strategy that ties in with broader marketing strategy and is aligned to your business goals.

And let me clear on one more thing. I’m not a mathematician, or an economist, or any of those other smart people that think in formulas. I am a copywriter. And I see real value in investing in the professional services of a copywriter to deliver business value.


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